Pubic Shaving Tips

Pubic shaving is not something most men like to talk about with each other. It would be weird if you called your friend and asked what was up only to have them answer, “oh nothing, I’m just shaving my pubic hair”.

However, just because most men don’t talk about it, doesn’t mean most men don’t do it. Surveys have indicated that 80% of men between the ages of 15 and 25 regularly shave their pubic hair.

With this high percentage of men that shave their pubic hair, it is no wonder that you are thinking about it.

What are the benefits of pubic shaving?

There are many advantages to shaving your pubic hair. The first one is that it is much more comfortable.

A shaved pubic region cuts down on heat and sweat and you’ll find that you no longer have pubic hair rubbing up against your boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, banana hammocks, or whatever you prefer to wear.

Another benefit is that it makes your penis look bigger and better. Although it won’t actually grow, it will visually look bigger because you will see all of it. With a full bush you are easily covering the bottom inch or so of your penis.

Women dig guys that participate in pubic shaving. Just like most guys like women that shave or at least trim their pubes, women like guys that shave or at least trim their pubes. This is especially true for women that do it themselves.

When a woman is completely shaved, she does not want to be rubbing up against a man that is not. It is itchy and dirty and there really is no reason for it.

Pubic Shaving – How to do it?

If you’re wondering how to participate in pubic shaving, don’t worry – it isn’t dangerous or even hard to do. The main thing you need to do is to find the right razor to do it with.

I’ve shaved using hair clippers without an extension and have fallen victim to nicks and cuts. It isn’t fatal, but it certainly isn’t pleasant either.

The best thing to do is to just buy a shaver that is made specifically for pubic shaving. These razors are generally only made by Norelco, but despite the lack of competition, they have done an excellent job.

As of 2011, the newest model is the Norelco BG2040. This razor is fantastic for pubic shaving and is actually perfect for other forms of manscaping as well.

With the Norelco BG2040, pubic shaving and chest hair removal have never been easier.

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  1. David Lee says:

    I use a Braun screen type shaver on my sac and rarely nick myself. Used everyday, it keeps things nice and smooth and is more pleasant for those who like to give my boys a tongue bath…

  2. Thanks for finally talking about >Pubic Shaving Tips <Liked it!

  3. Mark Stevens says:

    I recently got a manscaping product called “totally Nude Dude” from Lotus Bathing Luxuries, THIS works like a charm on a brother and they got one for women too. I am African American and get bumps on my chin and other areas when shaving look at the link, I am sold on this.

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